Audio Analysts Feat Ellie Lavery - BE YOURSELF


Analytic Records release of
Be Yourself by Audio Analysts

Now Available from Beatport

Analytic Records
is the brainchild of production duo: the ‘Audio Analysts’ (Dean Church and Jonny Blevins).
“We aspire to build a label that holds all the traditional values on which the house music scene was built. We plan to release on all major digital formats, while taking pride with a limited edition vinyl press on 12 selected releases a year. Vinyl is the format on which pioneers in the art of DJ’ing have built a scene that has surpassed the shelf-life of most movements that came before.”
Feel free to send us demo tracks via WeTransfer or send links to /
Analytic Records have a comprehensive list of talent on-board including:
Terry Francis
John Tejada
Tony Lionni
Jake Beautyman

Audio Analysts

Terry Farley
Clive Henry
Carlo Gambino

Mosaik Kollektif

Funk D’Void
Colin Dale
Mica UK
Mint [JPN]
Kevin Swain

Label Ethos

Analytic Records will respect the expertise and commitment of the artists who have dedicated large parts of their lives to building the scene as we know it today. We will also be welcoming new talent. The door is open to everyone at Analytic Records. When we believe a producer is delivering music of the highest quality, an individual’s status within the scene will have no bearing, providing their public profile displays the same chord values of the label. Passion and commitment mean more to us than popularity and click-bait politics.

We have absolutely no desire to pigeonhole one particular genre or sub-genre. We invite demos based on the elements that give the scene the foundation to grow, house and techno. We welcome everything that is produced well, when the chord sound resembles the roots of house music.

"We hope you join us and enjoy the journey…"

Kind Regards - Dean Church